Yup!  We can handle any order from 1 to 10,000.  There are two ways we think about bulk orders:

Many Budsies of Individual Designs

Common scenarios: birthday parties, schools/classrooms, and corporate activities.
  • 4+ Budsies: 20% off regular pricing
  • 8+ Budsies: 25% off regular pricing
  • 20+ Budsies: Please email us for corporate rates
Unfortunately, we cannot offer any lower pricing on larger orders because every single Budsie is uniquely designed.


Many Budsies of the Exact Same Design

Common scenarios: corporate gifts, book/tv characters, resellers, mascots.
  • Please use the form below to request a quote for orders of 20+ plushies of the same design.  Typically, we require customers to first purchase a regular Budsie at the retail rate to be used as a sample before placing a full bulk order
  • If you are ordering between 50 and 250 plush figurines, you can expect the price per toy to be around $20-$25 (including air shipping)
  • Orders above 500 enter into a different category, so quotations may vary greatly depending on the shipping service chosen (by air or sea).

Please submit your bulk order request via this form: Budsies Bulk Order Form