Thinking about adding a Sneak Peek to your order? 

If you choose to add a Sneak Peek to your order, you will receive a Sneak Peek email with images of your item's design after your item has completed production and before it moves into final inspection! 

Once you receive your Sneak Peek email you have 72 hours to respond. You can either accept your item as is or provide feedback and request changes. To "Accept" your item as it is, please click the large green button. If you have changes you would like made, please click the "Reject with changes" button and you will be taken to a screen that allows you to describe the changes you would like made.

Budsies and Selfie Sneak Peeks include one round of changes. Please be sure to include all of the changes that you would like in your first rejection message. 

Specialty Commission and Puppet orders include two rounds of revisions automatically. Please include all of the changes that you would like made to the plush at once so that the process is faster and easier. 

Additional changes to the item may be subject to charge depending on the amount of materials and time required to complete the adjustments.

Please remember to add to your contact list to ensure delivery of your Sneak Peek images!