We have worked with non-profits for fundraising purposes in a few different ways:

1. The non-profit purchases bulk orders of a mascot Budsie at a low price (bulk order of 50+ typically cost about $25 each including shipping, and 100+ cost around $20 each including shipping), and then resell them to event attendees and others at a higher price, creating extra funds for the cause.  If you don't have a mascot, we can make a plushie out of a character drawn by one of your team members. This can be part of a larger campaign or drawing contest.

You can submit your character for a bulk quote here: https://www.budsies.com/bulkorder/

2. You can sign up for our affiliate program (www.budsies.com/affiliates), where you have a special link that allows you to earn 10% of each purchase made by people who use that link. If you have the ability to send an email to a large listserv, this is a great option! The check can go directly to the organization.   Another thing that we can do for you is send you printable drawing templates via email with your special website link on there, so that the supporters can draw on the template and bring it home with that link to order at home.

3. We can donate a partial gift certificate for a silent auction if your organization does something like this. If you're interested, please submit a ticket from this page and let us know a bit about your organization and your specific event.