We understand your projects are important to you! They are super important to us too and we strive to meet your deadlines. However, estimated production time can vary slightly based on availability of fabrics and material, as well as the complexity of the design.

Our current window on bulk sample orders is 4-6 weeks minimum. On the full bulk order, estimated production time is dependent on quantity ordered (and again, can vary).

On average during our non-peak times of year, the production times are:
50 pieces: 30-45 days
50-250 pieces: 45-60 days
500+ pieces: 60-75 days

You will also receive more precise information about estimated production time once we start working on your bulk order. At that time, we’ll have a better idea of how long it will take to get certain fabrics in and the length of time needed for actual production of your particular order. Please note, estimated production times on bulk orders are IN ADDITION TO the estimated production time on your sample order.