Does your character or Selfie have an additional item you would like included in your final plushie? We would never want to tell a knight he can’t have his sword! Each Budsie or Selfie order includes 1 plush. If you have a drawing of a character with a small pet, food item, purse, or other small object we can make those small things out of plush too, but they would be considered an accessory and are not already included in your order. 

Because an accessory has to be made separately to your plush and then attached, there is an additional cost. They require fabric, stuffing, and TLC from our artists just like your Budsie, so we want to be able to give them the attention and materials that they may need. Please note: If an item is requested to be the same size as the standard size for our Budsies (16 inches), the cost of the item will be equivalent to the full price of a Budsie. This is true even if the image showcases the two characters as connected to each other. 

The amount for an accessory depends on the size and complexity. If you have questions about the cost for an accessory, please reach out to customer support and our team will be happy to assist you!