We offer many different services! Regardless of your specific design, we can bring it to life! You can find our current base pricing for our custom plush services as well as a detailed list of all the included features of each service, here:

Budsies Pricing 

Depending on your design and vision, you may want to read about some of the different options our artists can offer!

Do you have a rough sheet full of details? A super specific design for which you want to give a lot of feedback? A fluffy creation? Check out our Specialty Commissions to see if your artwork would be better suited for our most experienced design squad here:

OC Commissions 

Do you want your plush to have some clothing that you can take off and put back on? See what we can do for removable clothing here:

Removable Clothing


Is your Selfie wearing a backpack? Or does your Budsie have a small bird on its shoulder? Click here to read about accessories:



Our team can work with you to bring one-of-a-kind creations with unusual numbers of body parts to life! Read here to learn more about how we create plushies with extra body parts:

Extra body parts


If you have a specific vision for how big your plush should be, you can read about the different sized plushies we can make here:

Budsies sizes