Yup!  We can handle any order from 1 to 10,000.  There are two ways we think about bulk orders:

Many Budsies of Individual Designs

Common scenarios: birthday parties, schools/classrooms, and corporate activities.

  • 10+: Budsies: 10% off regular pricing 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any lower pricing on larger orders because every single Budsie is uniquely designed.


Many Budsies of the Exact Same Design

Common scenarios: corporate gifts, book/tv characters, resellers, mascots.
  • Please use the form below to request a quote for orders of 20+ plushies of the same design.  Typically, we require customers to first purchase a regular Budsie at the retail rate to be used as a sample before placing a full bulk order
  • If you are ordering between 50 and 250 plush figurines, you can expect the price per toy to be around $20-$25 (including air shipping)
  • Orders above 500 enter into a different category, so quotations may vary greatly depending on the shipping service chosen (by air or sea).

Please submit your bulk order request via this form: Budsies Bulk Order Form